New music project: Neon Viking

Neon Viking is a testarossapop (or synthwave or synthpop) project that was born while I was working on my song Sunset Drive. After making a few demos it became obvious that synthwave is quite natural as a style for me. After all I’ve started with tracker music in the 90s and loved the 80s movies and soundtracks. There’s also a huge backstory for the Neon Viking project that will be unveiled with the songs.

Neon Viking – Fast Forward

A new work-in-progress song Sunset Drive available on SoundCloud

A study into the genre Kavinsky et al have made really popular. Take a listen! 🙂

RoboGhost – 2 Months of Summer is now on Spotify!

My indie-pop-edm project’s 2nd song is now out!

New song added: Cities in Ruins (WIP)

This is a somewhat hybrid cinematic-industrial piece. Themes are based on the ones introduced in Darkness Series.

Music section updated

Check out the music page for some of my released tracks and EPs like The Darkness Series and Modern Battlefield.


Respawn released

After weeks of production, Respawn is now released globally on Spotify, iTunes, Google Music and more.

This epic, melodic and hard-hitting track might bring Two Steps From Hell, Really Slow Motion, Audiomachine or the likes to your mind. Take a listen!

You can also listen to it on Soundcloud if that’s your preference.

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